Ralph Martin's Cacti and Succulents For Sale or Swap

Plants for sale and swap

Plants offered are rooted cuttings or seedlings. For swaps, see my plant wants list, and my cactus and succulent books and journals want list. I'm also happy to consider items not on these lists.

Plants will be sent first class or airmail, unpotted. Postage will be added at 120% of actual postage cost to also cover packing, about £4.25 for a few plants in the UK; other prices may be found here. I will let you know the total cost including postage after packing and weighing your order. (If swapping, we will each pay our own postage.)

You may pay with a UK cheque, PAYM, or UK / Euro / US banknotes; for Paypal: please ask.

These prices are intended to help cover my costs of producing the plants, not to make a profit. Most plants are in short supply, with just one or two available. This list is frequently updated as new items are added and others are sold out.

For advice on growing, the British Cactus and Succulent Society provide an excellent set of free cultivation leaflets. Also feel free to ask me any specific questions you may have. I am happy to select plants for you to a specified total price, and will add one or two extra for free.

This list last updated on 10th July 2019.

To order or suggest a swap, select the plants you want by clicking the checkboxes below, fill in your personal details, and any notes, then click on the Place Order button.

These plants can only be sent within the EU because of CITES regulations. Note that I may not be able to send / receive plants to / from the EU after BREXIT.


Plant Price Buy
Aeonium ciliatum RRM7 £2.00 
Aeonium lancerottense RRM15 £3.00 
Aeonium lindleyi £2.00 
Aeonium simsii RRM80 £2.00 
Aeonium 'Zwartkop' £2.00 
Aeonium 'Zwartkop' x simsii £2.50 
Aichryson divaricatum RRM131 £1.50 
Aloe fleuretteana Nadi £2.50 
Aloe parvula £2.50 
Aloe rauhii £2.00 
Anacampseros retusus £1.50 
Anacampseros rufescens £1.50 
Arthrocereus campos-portoi £2.00 
Austrocactus coxii aff. fma. minima PHA2136/1 (grafted) £2.50 
Bulbine frutescens 'Hallmark' £2.00 
Chamaelobivia 'Michaela' WC431 £2.00 
Cotyledon papillaris £2.00 
Crassothonna 'Ruby Necklace' £2.00 
Crassula atropurpurea v. cultriformis £2.00 
Crassula atropurpurea v. muirii £2.00 
Crassula brevifolia Rutherford 1999 £2.00 
Crassula 'Buddha's Temple' £2.50 
Crassula cymosa £1.00 
Crassula elegans £1.50 
Crassula hirtipes £1.50 
Crassula hirtipes TD s.n. £2.00 
Crassula 'Hobbit' £3.00 
Crassula 'Hottentot' £2.00 
Crassula 'Minova Magic' £2.50 
Crassula muscosa small form, 2.5km S of Lekkersing £2.00 
Crassula muscosa v. obtusifolia DT4170 £2.00 
Crassula nealeana £1.50 
Crassula orbicularis DT2626 £2.00 
Crassula parvisepala £1.50 
Crassula perfoliata v. heterotricha £2.50 
Crassula perforata fma. variegata £1.50 
Crassula pubescens £1.50 
Crassula radicans £1.50 
Crassula rupestris v. commutata £2.00 
Crassula sarmentosa £1.50 
Crassula sarmentosa fma. variegata £1.50 
Crassula setulosa STR s.n. Little Switzerland Drakensberg £1.50 
Crassula setulosa STR22 £1.50 
Crassula setulosa v. jenkinsii STR s.n. Lejuma Soutpansberg £1.50 
Crassula spathulata DT6579a £2.00 
Crassula subaphylla DT6162 £1.50 
Crassula volkensii £1.50 
Crassula volkensii fma. variegata £2.00 
Cyanotis somaliensis £2.00 
Cyrtanthus elatus £1.50 
Cyrtanthus sanguineus £1.50 
Disocactus x violaceus £2.00 
Drimiopsis maculata £2.00 
Echeveria amoena £1.50 
Echeveria agavoides 'Red Lipstick' £4.00 
Echeveria glauca £1.50 
Echeveria 'Lancifolia' £2.00 
Echeveria perbella £1.50 
Echeveria pulvinata £2.00 
Echeveria secunda Puebla £2.00 
Echidnopsis archeri £1.50 
Echinocereus websterianus L98 £1.50 
Echinofossulocactus ochoterenaus £1.00 
Echinopsis arachnacantha FR366 £2.00 
Echinopsis arachnacantha RH3074a £1.50 
Echinopsis arachnacantha gold flower £1.50 
Echinopsis arachnacantha v. mairanana £1.50 
Echinopsis arachnacantha 'Roseaflora' £1.50 
Echinopsis arachnacantha v. torrecillasensis £1.50 
Echinopsis arachnacantha v. torrecillasensis BLMT210(Z) £1.50 
Echinopsis arachnacantha v. vallegrandensis WR184 £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Beautiful Dreamer' £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Bilsdale Fandango' £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Bilsdale Morning Mist' £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Bilsdale x Schick No. 2' £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Cassandra' £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Cherry Vanilla Yoghurt' £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Eleanor' £2.00 
Echinopsis eyriesii fma. pink flower £1.50 
Echinopsis 'Golden Fleece' £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Mocha' £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Moonlight' £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Paramount' pale yellow flower £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Pink Candy' £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Rose Quartz' £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Rose Quartz' x 'Peach Monarch' x 'Terracotta' £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Serendipity' £2.00 
Echinopsis 'Spring Blush' ISI97-31 £2.00 
Echinopsis tubiflora £1.00 
Epiphyllum cooperi £1.00 
Epiphyllum 'Reward' £3.00 
Epiphyllum sp. white flower £2.50 
Escobaria minima SB423 £1.50 
Euphorbia pillansii £2.00 
Faucaria bosscheana 'Paucidens' £1.50 
Ferocactus glaucescens £1.50 
Ferocactus stainesii £1.50 
Gasteria armstrongii £2.50 
Gasteria brachyphylla ssp. brachyphylla £1.50 
Gasteria carinata IB8317 £2.00 
Gasteria doreeniae KGW Swartwaterpoort £2.50 
Gasteria glauca EVJ14670 £2.00 
Gasteria liliputana £1.50 
Gasteria pseudonigricans £5.00 
Gibbaeum heathii RH3374 £1.50 
Graptopetalum frutescens JM54-84 £2.00 
Graptopetalum macdougalii £1.50 
Graptopetalum mendozae £1.50 
Graptopetalum pachyphyllum (small form) £1.50 
Graptosedum 'Alpenglow' £2.00 
Gymnocactus saueri v. verduscoi Las Antonias £1.50 
Gymnocalycium bruchii v. enorme £1.00 
Gymnocalycium horstii £2.00 
Gymnocalycium uebelmannianum £1.00 
Gymnocalycium uebelmannianum GY222 £1.50 
Haemanthus coccineus (dormant bulb) £2.00 
Hatiora herminiae £5.00 
Haworthia adelaidensis ISI463 £2.00 
Haworthia cymbiformis v. cymbiformis JDV88/57 £2.50 
Haworthia cymbiformis v. cymbiformis JDV91/92 £2.00 
Haworthia cymbiformis v. planifolia £2.00 
Haworthia haageana £3.50 
Haworthia marumiana £2.00 
Haworthia radula £1.50 
Haworthia redii IB151 £2.00 
Haworthia retusa fma. fouchei £2.50 
Haworthia retusa v. multilineata £3.50 
Haworthia retusa v. solitaria £4.00 
Haworthia ryderiana £3.50 
Haworthia tesselata v. palhinhiae £2.50 
Haworthia tesselata v. velutina £2.50 
Haworthia truncata x retusa £3.00 
Haworthia tuberculata? £2.50 
Kalanchoe diagremontana £1.50 
Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi (not serrata as previously stated) £1.50 
Kalanchoe x houghtonii £1.50 
Kalanchoe marmorata £1.50 
Kalanchoe milotii £2.50 
Kalanchoe tubiflora £1.50 
Lampranthus aureus £1.00 
Ledebouria socialis 'Miner' £2.00 
Lepismium floribundum £1.50 
Lobivia formosa v. rosarioana WR129 £1.50 
Lobivia grandiflora £1.00 
Lobivia grandiflora v. lobivioides WR525 £1.50 
Lobivia grandiflora v. pumila WR758 £1.50 
Lobivia grandiflora v. purpureminiata WR526a £1.50 
Lobivia grandiflora v. rowleyi £1.00 
Lobivia grandiflora v. vatteri £1.00 
Lobivia haematantha v. chorillosensis WR157 £1.50 
Lobivia haematantha v. densispina MN29 £1.50 
Lobivia haematantha v. densispina WR30 £1.50 
Lobivia haematantha v. hualfinensis WR146 £1.50 
Lobivia haematantha v. kuehnrichii RH1222 £1.50 
Lobivia haematantha v. viridis WR709a £1.50 
Lobivia jajoiana v. aurata WR701 £1.50 
Lobivia jajoiana v. paucicostata WR217 £1.50 
Lobivia rauschii £1.50 
Lobivia sp. Ralf Hillmann £1.00 
Mammillaria aureilanata 'alba' £1.50 
Mammillaria densispina ROG178 £1.50 
Mammillaria hemisphaerica £1.00 
Mammillaria lasiacantha KKR690 £2.00 
Mammillaria surculosa £2.00 
Matucana polzii £2.00 
Matucana ritteri KK711 £1.50 
Monadenium schubei £2.50 
Neobesseya missouriensis £1.50 
Notocactus graessneri v. albisetus VE1627 £1.00 
Notocactus megapotamicus v. vulgatus GF108 £2.00 
Orbea hardyi £1.50 
Oxalis herrerae Ollontaytambo £2.00 
Oxalis san-miguellii? £2.00 
Rebutia 'Angelina' £1.50 
Rebutia atrovirens v. MN134 £1.50 
Rebutia atrovirens v. RH601b £1.50 
Rebutia atrovirens v. haefneriana MN476 £1.50 
Rebutia atrovirens v. haefneriana WR208a £1.50 
Rebutia atrovirens v. huasiensis RH2476b £1.50 
Rebutia atrovirens v. nov. RH1976b £1.50 
Rebutia atrovirens v. pseudoritteri £1.50 
Rebutia atrovirens v. zecheri WR650 £1.50 
Rebutia brachyantha SE136 £2.00 
Rebutia brunescens £1.00 
Rebutia brunescens RH3117a £1.50 
Rebutia bulbispina £1.50 
Rebutia deminuta £1.00 
Rebutia donaldiana L348 £1.50 
Rebutia einsteinii v. aureiflora JO113 £2.00 
Rebutia euanthema £1.50 
Rebutia euanthema RH2281a £2.00 
Rebutia euanthema WR214 £2.00 
Rebutia fiebrigii £1.50 
Rebutia fiebrigii RH234 £2.00 
Rebutia fiebrigii RH1014 £6.50 
Rebutia fiebrigii v. violacea WR734 £1.50 
Rebutia fischeriana MS747 £1.50 
Rebutia fulviseta EZ209 £1.50 
Rebutia fusca RH211 £1.50 
Rebutia fusca RH213 £1.50 
Rebutia gibbulosa RH4275a £1.50 
Rebutia haagei v. orurensis KK968 £1.50 
Rebutia heliosa v. cajasensis RH249/4 £1.50 
Rebutia heliosa v. cajasensis RH4274 £1.50 
Rebutia heliosa v. nov. ROS32a £1.50 
Rebutia heliosa v. theresae RH259 £1.50 
Rebutia inquisiviensis KK £1.50 
Rebutia krainziana £1.00 
Rebutia kupperiana MN368 £1.50 
Rebutia kupperiana RH1058 £1.50 
Rebutia leucanthema RH2080a £1.50 
Rebutia leucanthema RH3189 £1.50 
Rebutia margarethae L554 £1.50 
Rebutia margarethae WR521 £1.50 
Rebutia minuscula £1.00 
Rebutia mixticolor FR1108 £3.00 
Rebutia multicostata £1.50 
Rebutia muscula £5.00 
Rebutia muscula FR83 £1.50 
Rebutia nigricans v. albispina WR771 £1.50 
Rebutia padcayensis L554 £2.00 
Rebutia padcayensis RH1050 £1.50 
Rebutia psuedodeminuta L522 £1.50 
Rebutia psuedodeminuta RH479 £5.00 
Rebutia psuedokrainziana £1.00 
Rebutia pulvinosa £10.00 
Rebutia pygmaea MN229a £1.50 
Rebutia pygmaea WR745 £1.50 
Rebutia pygmaea v. canacruzensis WR642 £1.50 
Rebutia pygmaea v. escayachensis WR909 £1.50 
Rebutia pygmaea v. friedrichiana RRM56 £1.50 
Rebutia pygmaea v. haagei £1.00 
Rebutia pygmaea v. haagei RH1090 £1.50 
Rebutia pygmaea v. nov. RH298a/1 £1.50 
Rebutia pygmaea v. nov. RH1350a £1.50 
Rebutia pygmaea v. nov. RH2496a £1.50 
Rebutia pygmaea v. nov. RH2500 £1.50 
Rebutia pygmaea v. nov. RH2502 £1.50 
Rebutia pygmaea v. nov. RH2505b £1.50 
Rebutia pygmaea v. orurensis MK2639 £1.50 
Rebutia robustispina £1.00 
Rebutia robustispina RH258 £4.00 
Rebutia rosealbiflora £1.00 
Rebutia sanguinea RH3168a £1.50 
Rebutia schatzliana RH2081a £1.50 
Rebutia schatzliana RH2082a £1.50 
Rebutia schatzliana RH2092a £1.50 
Rebutia schatzliana RH3186 £1.50 
Rebutia schatzliana RH3187 £1.50 
Rebutia senilis WR706b £2.00 
Rebutia sp. £1.00 
Rebutia sp. RH3864a £1.50 
Rebutia sp. RH3924a £1.50 
Rebutia sp. RH4232a £1.50 
Rebutia sp. RH4261b £1.50 
Rebutia sp. nov. RH173c £1.50 
Rebutia sp. nov. RH2412 £1.50 
Rebutia spegazziniana £1.50 
Rebutia spegazziniana (fusca?) MB15 £1.50 
Rebutia spegazziniana RH237 £5.00 
Rebutia spegazziniana WR922 £1.50 
Rebutia aff. spinosissima SE61a £2.00 
Rebutia steinmannii RH1123 £1.50 
Rebutia steinmannii v. RH344/1 £1.50 
Rebutia steinmannii v. costata WR508b £1.50 
Rebutia steinmannii v. tuberculata RH2109b £1.50 
Rebutia supthutiana RH911 £1.50 
Rebutia supthutiana RH2086a £1.50 
Rebutia supthutiana RH3183 £1.50 
Rebutia vulpina £1.50 
Rebutia vulpina RH210 £1.50 
Rebutia x (natural hybrid) RRM44 £1.50 
Rebutia xanthocarpa £1.00 
Rebutia xanthocarpa v. dasyphrisa £1.00 
Rhipsalidopsis x graeseri £1.50 
Rhipsalis cereuscula £2.50 
Sansevieria patens £2.50 
Schlumbergera opuntioides £2.50 
Schlumbergera russelliana small form £4.00 
Schlumbergera x £2.50 
Sedum x adolphii £1.50 
Sedum album Sicily £1.50 
Sedum forsterianum £1.50 
Sedum gypsicola Ain Leuh Plateau £1.50 
Sedum moranense Sierra el Coahuila £2.00 
Sedum ochroleucum RRM134 £2.00 
Sedum rubrotinctum £1.50 
Sedum rupestre £1.50 
Sedum sediforme RRM138 £2.00 
Sedum sexangulare Tschernokolevii £1.50 
Senecio barorum JAA109 £2.50 
Senecio stapeliformis £2.00 
Stomatium alboroseum SB1412 £1.50 
Stomatium pyrodorum SH397 £1.50 
Sulcorebutia callecallensis VZ56b £2.00 
Sulcorebutia mentosa £1.50 
Sulcorebutia rauschii WR289 £2.00 
Tylecodon sinus-alexandri £1.50 
Weingartia neumanniana FR50 £5.00 
Weingartia neumanniana v. aurantia MN172 £5.00 
Total cost of plants ordered
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