Ralph Martin's Cacti and Succulents For Sale or Swap

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Plants for sale and swap

Plants are mainly rooted cuttings or seedlings; a few larger plants are duplicates from my collection. I prefer to swap plants and am happy to consider whatever you have; I particularly want these cacti and succulents, and books and journals.

Plants will be sent unpotted by first class post (unless you request otherwise). Delivery will be charged at 120% of actual postage cost to also cover packing (for small numbers of plants, typically £4.62). I will let you know the total cost including delivery after packing and weighing your plants. You may pay with a UK cheque or Paypal. (If swapping, we will each pay our own postage.)

I am an amateur grower. These prices are intended to help cover my costs of producing the plants, not to make a profit. Most plants are in short supply, with just one or two available. This list is frequently updated as new items are added and others are sold.

For advice on growing, the British Cactus and Succulent Society provide an excellent set of free cultivation leaflets. Also feel free to ask me any specific questions you may have.

To order or suggest a swap, select the plants you want, fill in your personal details, and any notes, then click on the Place Order button.

This list was last updated on 1st August 2021.

Plant Price Buy
Adromischus subdistichus Blyderberg £1.50
Aichryson tortuosum RRM116 £1.50
Aloe fleuretteana Nadi £2.00
Aloe x XAI14 £1.50
Aloinopsis acuta £1.50
Anacampseros vanthielii £1.50
Austrocactus sp. HS52 £2.00
Aylostera atrovirens v. zecheri £1.50
Aylostera 'Celebration' £2.50
Aylostera deminuta BLMT715.07 £1.50
Aylostera diersiana £1.50
Aylostera diersiana v. atrovirens £1.50
Aylostera donaldiana £1.50
Aylostera dutineana WR826 £1.50
Aylostera dutineana v. gracilior LF1268 £1.50
Aylostera 'Dusky Maiden' £2.00
Aylostera einsteinii fma. LF167a £2.00
Aylostera einsteinii v. WR794 £2.00
Aylostera einsteinii v. gonjianii BLMT436.12 £3.50
Aylostera euanthema RH2281a £2.00
Aylostera euanthema f. oculata LF1153 £2.00
Aylostera euanthema f. oculata LF1154 £2.00
Aylostera fiebrigii £1.50
Aylostera fiebrigii RH283a £1.50
Aylostera fiebrigii RH201/1 £1.50
Aylostera frankii £1.50
Aylostera fusca £1.50
Aylostera fusca x £1.50
Aylostera fusca RH214a £1.50
Aylostera gutmannii £1.50
Aylostera haagei v. FR57 £1.50
Aylostera heliosa BLMT79.01 £1.50
Aylostera heliosa v. cajasensis L405 £1.50
Aylostera heliosa v. cajasensis L405 fma. open spines £1.50
Aylostera heliosa v. theresae KK1925 £1.50
Aylostera hoffmannii WR521a £2.00
Aylostera ithyacantha BLMT204.01 £1.50
Aylostera kieslingii £1.50
Aylostera laui £1.50
Aylostera leucanthema WR305 £1.50
Aylostera mamillosa v. australis £1.50
Aylostera maxima £1.50
Aylostera muscula RH281 £1.50
Aylostera nigricans BLMT430.01 £1.50
Aylostera nigricans WR14 £1.50
Aylostera nigricans v. peterseimii WR162 £1.50
Aylostera aff. nitida £1.50
Aylostera peterseimii Cachipampa £1.50
Aylostera poecilantha FR1139 £1.50
Aylostera pseudodeminuta KH122 £1.50
Aylostera pseudominuscula BLMT54.04 £1.50
Aylostera pulchella RH232 £1.50
Aylostera pulchella WR320 £1.50
Aylostera pulvinosa FR766 £2.00
Aylostera pygmaea £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT74.04 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT102.05 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT103.01 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT329.01 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT330.01 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT332.07 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT334.05 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT442.06 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT866.03 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. colorea BLMT74.02 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. elegantula BLMT118.03 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. elegantula BLMT339.01 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. friedrichiana BLMT64.04 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. nov. RH1344a £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. siebalii ROS347.2 £1.50
Aylostera raulii WR485 £1.50
Aylostera ritteri BLMT336.02 £1.50
Aylostera robustispina £1.50
Aylostera robustispina RH270/1 £1.50
Aylostera aff. robustispina £1.50
Aylostera aff. schatzliana BLMT67.03 £1.50
Aylostera sp. £1.50
Aylostera sp. GV55 £1.50
Aylostera spegazziniana BLMT54.04 £1.50
Aylostera steinmannii BLMT100.03 £1.50
Aylostera steinmannii BLMT102.01 £1.50
Aylostera steinmannii BLMT108.04 £1.50
Aylostera steinmannii BLMT166A.01 £1.50
Aylostera sumayana LM779.01 £1.50
Aylostera sumayana EH7093 £1.50
Aylostera supthutiana BLMT730.04 £1.50
Aylostera tarijensis BLMT150.01 £1.50
Aylostera tarvitaensis EH39 £1.50
Aylostera x (natural hybrid) RH285 £1.50
Brasiliparodia alacriportana fma. HU1519 £1.50
Brasiliparodia alacriportana fma. aureiseta HU68 £1.50
Brasiliparodia catarinensis HU40 £1.50
Bulbine frutescens 'Hallmark' £2.00
Chamaecereus silvestrii £1.50
Chamaelobivia 'Michaela' WC431 £2.00
Coryphantha panarottoi PP1068 £1.50
Crassula ausensis £1.50
Crassula erosula 'Campfire' £1.50
Crassula exilis ssp. exilis £1.50
Crassula marnierana £2.00
Crassula 'Minova Magic' £1.50
Crassula muscosa £1.50
Crassula muscosa v. obtusifolia £1.50
Crassula pellucida DT7439 £1.50
Crassula portulacea £1.50
Crassula rogersii £1.50
Crassula rupestris £1.50
Crassula swaziensis £1.50
Crassula volkensii £1.50
Cyanotis somaliensis £1.50
Echeveria x gilva 'Red' £1.50
Echeveria globulosa large form £1.50
Echeveria 'Lancifolia' £1.50
Echeveria setosa v. deminuta £1.50
Echeveria setosa v. minor £1.50
Echinofossulocactus coptonogonus VZ477 £1.50
Echinofossulocactus lloydii GM220 £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha WR180 £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha gold flower £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha yellow flower £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha v. sulphurea £2.00
Echinopsis arachnacantha x Lovivia 'Sheelena' £1.50
Echinopsis 'Paramount' x pale yellow £2.00
Echinopsis 'Pink Candy' £2.00
Echinopsis 'Pink Candy' slightly variegated £2.50
Echinopsis 'Pink Oyster' x 'Sleeping Beauty' £2.00
Echinopsis 'Priness Anne' ISI96-5 £2.00
Echinopsis 'Sorceress' £2.00
Echinopsis subdenudata £1.50
Echinopsis 'Violet Beauty' £2.00
Eriocactus warasii STU345 £1.50
Eriocephala claviceps ssp. itabuensis HU500 £1.50
Eriocephala leninghausii v. minor FR1274a £1.50
Eriocephala leninghausii v. minor HU49 £1.50
Gasteria verrucosa £1.50
Gymnocalycium mihanovicii v. melocactiformis £1.50
Gymnocalycium prochazkianum STO1581 £2.00
Gymnocalycium prochazkianum VS141 £2.00
Gymnocalycium tilcarense Purmamarca £2.00
Gymnocalycium tilcarense 1km below Gargantua del Diablo £2.00
Hamatocactus setispinus v. setaceus £1.50
Haworthia cana £1.50
Haworthia chloracantha JDV87/96 £2.00
Haworthia cymbiformis v. cymbiformis JDV91/92 £2.00
Haworthia reddii GM420 £2.50
Haworthia reticulata v. reticulata ISI1090 £3.00
Haworthia turgida v. pallidifolia ES2392 £2.00
Haworthia vlokii JDV91-2 £2.00
Haworthiopsis attenuata v. minissima £2.00
Haworthiopsis gideonii RIB283 £2.00
Haworthiopsis glabrata £2.00
Haworthiopsis glabrata v. perviridis £2.00
Haworthiopsis limifolia v. glaucophylla IB6752 £2.50
Haworthiopsis tesselata v. palhinhiae £2.00
Haworthiopsis venosa v. JL1837 £2.00
Hereroa carinans £2.00
Huernia leachii x £2.00
Hylotelephium ewersii v. cyclophyllum RRM129 £2.00
Ledebouria socialis £1.50
Lobivia jajoiana v. caspalasensis WR693 £1.50
Lobivia jajoiana v. fleischeriana WR580 £1.50
Lobivia jajoiana v. glauca LF179 £1.50
Lobivia jajoiana v. pungens WR516 £1.50
Lobivia rauschii RRM59 £1.50
Lobivia sp. RH £1.50
Mammillaria bocensis £1.50
Mammillaria magallanii SB1017 £2.50
Mammillaria marnier-lapostolei £1.50
Mammillaria nivosa £1.50
Matucana aurantiaca fma. pallarensis £1.50
Matucana caespitosa KK1317 £1.50
Matucana polzii £1.50
Nananthus aloides £1.50
Notocactus horstii £1.50
Notocactus rubropedatus GF1036 £1.50
Ornithogalum/Albuca sp. MW8 £1.50
Orostachys boehmeri 'Keiko' £1.50
Orostachys minima £1.50
Oroya citriflora JIR83 £1.50
Oscularia deltoides v. caulescens £1.50
Parodia herzogii J214 £1.50
Parodia steumeri (was sp.#2 Tilcara) £1.50
Petrosedum ochroleucum RRM134 £1.50
Petrosedum reflexum RRM137 £1.50
Petrosedum rupestre £1.50
Petrosedum sediforme RRM138 £2.00
Phedimus spurius £1.50
Plectranthus socotranus £1.50
Rebutia fabrisii v. nana £1.50
Rebutia senilis £1.50
Rebutia senilis v. graessneri £1.50
Rebutia sp. £1.50
Rebutia violaciflora v. carminea £1.50
Rebutia xanthocarpa v. costata £1.50
Rhipsalidopsis x £1.50
Rhombophyllum dolabriforme £1.50
Sansevieria kirkii v. pulchra 'Coppertone' £5.00
Schlumbergera x exotica £2.00
Schlumbergera x exotica 'Minibelle' £2.50
Schlumbergera truncata Teresopolis £3.00
Sedum album RRM41 £1.50
Sedum moranense Sierra el Coahuila £1.50
Sedum morganianum 'Burrito' £1.50
Sedum rubrotinctum £1.50
Sinocrassula yunnanensis £1.50
Stapelia asterias v. lucida £2.00
Stapelianthus decaryi £2.00
Sulcorebutia insperata RMR812 £2.00
Talinum paniculatum £1.50
Thelocactus rinconensis £1.50
Weingartia fidaiana WR212 £3.50
Weingartia lagarpampensis HS160 £1.50
Weingartia pulquinensis v. millaresii RH5308 £1.50
Wigginsia arechevaletae SCHL169 £1.50
Wigginsia calvescens GF141 £1.50
Wigginsia sessiliflora £1.50
Total cost of plants
(postage to be added later, at actual cost plus 20% extra for packing, when weight / size of parcel are known)

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Also see my list of journals for sale.

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