Ralph Martin's Cacti and Succulents For Sale or Swap

COVID-19: I am still sending plants out, but frequency of trips to the Post Office will be reduced.

Plants for sale and swap

Plants offered are rooted cuttings or seedlings (a few larger plants are duplicates from my collection). For swaps I am happy to consider whatever you have; I particularly want things on my plant wants list, and my cactus and succulent books and journals want list.

Plants will be sent first class or airmail, unpotted. Postage will be added at 120% of actual postage cost to also cover packing (starting at £4.26 for a few plants in the UK). I will let you know the total cost including postage after packing and weighing your order. (If swapping, we will each pay our own postage.)

You may pay with a UK cheque, PAYM, UK / Euro / US banknotes, or Paypal.

I am an amateur grower. These prices are intended to help cover my costs of producing the plants, not to make a profit. Most plants are in short supply, with just one or two available. This list is frequently updated as new items are added and others are sold out.

For advice on growing, the British Cactus and Succulent Society provide an excellent set of free cultivation leaflets. Also feel free to ask me any specific questions you may have. I am happy to select plants for you to a specified total price, and will add one or two extra for free.

To order or suggest a swap, select the plants you want, fill in your personal details, and any notes, then click on the Place Order button.

Plants can only be sent within the EU because of CITES regulations. This may change on 31 Dec 2020 when the BREXIT deal is finalised.

This list was last updated on 1st April 2020.


Plant Price Buy
Acanthocalycium violaceum £1.50
Adromischus halesowensis £2.00
Adromischus hemisphaericus £2.00
Aeonium haworthii £2.00
Aeonium 'Zwartkop' £2.50
Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor' £3.50
Aloe rauhii £1.50
Aloe rauhii 'Snowflake' £1.50
Anacampseros retusa £1.50
Arequipa weingartiana KK1203 £1.50
Astroloba deltoidea £2.50
Astrophytum asterias red flower £3.00
Aylostera albiflora FR766a £2.00
Aylostera albopectinata MU154 £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. MN134 £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. haefneriana WR208a £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. huasiensis RH2476b £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. pseudoritteri £1.00
Aylostera brunescens £1.00
Aylostera brunescens RH3117a £1.50
Aylostera buiningiana £1.50
Aylostera cajasensis FR1141a £1.50
Aylostera deminuta £2.00
Aylostera donaldiana £1.00
Aylostera fiebrigii NL66 (large) £4.50
Aylostera fusca RH214a £1.50
Aylostera gibbulosa RH4275a £1.50
Aylostera haagei v. orurensis KK968 £1.50
Aylostera lateritia KK1519 £1.50
Aylostera mamillosa v. australis £1.50
Aylostera maxima £1.50
Aylostera multicostata £1.50
Aylostera narvaecensis MN528 £1.50
Aylostera patericalyx (large) £5.00
Aylostera pulchella WR320 £1.50
Aylostera pulvinosa FR766 £2.00
Aylostera pygmaea £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea 40km Iruya -> Humahuaca £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. nov. RH1350a £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. nov. VS499 £1.50
Aylostera ritteri (large) £5.00
Aylostera schatzliana RH3186 £1.50
Aylostera schatzliana RH3187 £1.50
Aylostera sp. £1.50
Aylostera sp. JD433 £1.50
Aylostera sp. RH3864a £1.50
Aylostera sp. RH3924a £1.50
Aylostera sp. RH4232a £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. RH173c £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. RH2412 £1.50
Aylostera spegazziniana (large) £3.50
Aylostera spegazziniana WR922 £1.50
Aylostera sumayana JK461 £1.50
Aylostera sumayana RH2095a £1.50
Aylostera x (natural hybrid) RH285 £1.50
Baculellum articulatum £2.00
Chamaecereus silvestrii £1.50
Chamaelobivia 'Ragged Robin' £1.50
Chamaelobivia 'Michaela' WC431 £2.00
Cleistocactus sp. £1.00
Cotyledon adsecendens ISI96-35 £2.50
Cotyledon woodii ISI02-16 £2.00
Crassula arta £2.00
Crassula atropurpurea v. cultriformis £1.50
Crassula atropurpurea v. watermeyeri £1.50
Crassula brevifolia Rutherford 1999 £2.00
Crassula 'Buddha's Temple' £3.00
Crassula 'Corallita' £2.50
Crassula cotyledonis £1.50
Crassula 'David' £1.50
Crassula 'Darumajintou' £3.00
Crassula deceptor £2.50
Crassula dinteri £1.50
Crassula 'Dorothy' £3.00
Crassula elegans ssp. namibensis £1.50
Crassula 'Emerald' £2.50
Crassula ericoides Mitletone 2000 £1.50
Crassula fascicularis £1.50
Crassula fusca £1.50
Crassula gillii £2.00
Crassula 'Green Coral' £1.50
Crassula grisea £1.50
Crassula grisea v. bakeri £1.50
Crassula hirtipes £1.50
Crassula 'Hottentot' £2.00
Crassula hystrix £1.50
Crassula 'Jade Necklace' £2.00
Crassula lanuginosa v. lanuginosa £1.50
Crassula lanuginosa v. pachystemon £1.50
Crassula marchandii £2.50
Crassula marnierana £2.50
Crassula aff. mesembryanthoides £1.50
Crassula 'Minova Magic' £2.00
Crassula 'Moonglow' £2.00
Crassula montana £1.50
Crassula muscosa v. minor £1.50
Crassula muscosa fma. variegata £1.50
Crassula namaquensis ssp. comptonii ISI1843 £2.00
Crassula nealeana £1.50
Crassula orbicularis DT2626 £1.50
Crassula pellucida DT7439 £1.50
Crassula perforata fma. variegata £2.00
Crassula plegmatoides x grisea £1.50
Crassula portulacaea £1.00
Crassula pruinosa £1.50
Crassula pseudohemispherica £1.50
Crassula qudrangula £2.50
Crassula qudrangularis £1.50
Crassula radicans £1.50
Crassula remota £1.50
Crassula rogersii £1.50
Crassula rubicunda £2.00
Crassula rupestris £2.00
Crassula rupestris v. commutata £2.50
Crassula sarmentosa fma. variegata £1.50
Crassula schmidtii £1.50
Crassula spathulata DT6579a £2.00
Crassula tecta £3.00
Crassula tomentosa Vredendal £1.50
Curio repens £1.50
Cyanotis somaliensis £1.50
Cyrtanthus sanguineus £2.00
Deuterocohnia brevifolia £2.00
Drimiopsis maculata £2.00
Echeveria compressicaulis £1.50
Echeveria glauca £2.00
Echeveria leucotricha £2.00
Echeveria lindsayana £2.00
Echeveria perbella £2.00
Echeveria pulvinata 'Ruby' £2.50
Echeveria purposorum £3.00
Echeveria runyonii 'Topsy Turvy' £2.00
Echeveria sanchez-mejoradae £2.00
Echeveria secunda Puebla £2.00
Echinocactus grusonii v. zacatecasensis San Rafael £1.50
Echinopsis 'Anastasia' £2.00
Echinopsis arachnacantha WR180 £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha gold flower £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha white flower £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha yellow flower £1.00
Echinopsis arachnacantha v. mairanana £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha 'Roseaflora' £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha v. sulphurea £1.00
Echinopsis arachnacantha v. vallegrandensis WR184 £2.00
Echinopsis 'Bilsdale Fandango' £2.00
Echinopsis 'Candy Watermelon'' £2.00
Echinopsis eyriesii fma. pink flower £2.00
Echinopsis 'Hemaglow' £2.00
Echinopsis 'Moonlight' £2.00
Echinopsis obrepanda v. purpurea £1.50
Echinopsis 'Rose Quartz' £2.00
Echinopsis 'Rose Quartz' x 'Peach Monarch' x 'Terracotta' £2.00
Echinopsis 'Serendipity' £2.00
Echinopsis 'Spring Blush' ISI97-31 £2.00
Echinopsis tubiflora £1.50
Faucaria bosscheana 'Paucidens' £1.50
Faucaria subintegra £1.50
Faucaria tuberculosa £1.50
Ferocactus glaucescens £2.00
Freesia laxa 'Joan Evans' £2.00
Freesia laxa (red flower) £2.00
Gasteria armstrongii £3.00
Gasteria batesiana 'Barbe Bleu' £3.50
Gasteria brachyphylla ssp. brachyphylla £1.50
Gasteria carinata Mossel Bay £2.50
Gasteria doreeniae KGW Swartwaterpoort £2.00
Gasteria liliputana £1.50
Gasteria minima £1.50
Graptopetalum frutescens JM54-84 £2.00
Graptopetalum macdougalii £2.00
Gymnocactus knuthianus £1.50
Gymnocalycium erolesii TOM334.1 £1.50
Gymnocalycium kroenleinii ssp. funettae TOM447.1 £1.50
Gymnocalycium triacanthum HV1301 £1.50
Haemanthus albiflos (large) £4.50
Haworthia altilinea £2.50
Haworthia calcarea JDV84-065 £3.50
Haworthia cana £2.00
Haworthia cooperi v. picturata £4.00
Haworthia cuspidata £2.50
Haworthia cymbiformis v. planifolia £2.00
Haworthia cymbiformis v. setulifera ISI1856 £3.00
Haworthia dentata RIB199 £2.50
Haworthia elegans DMC7964 £2.50
Haworthia longibracteata JDV89-16 £3.50
Haworthia meiringii RIB335 £2.50
Haworthia otzeniana £3.00
Haworthia pallidifolia KBG313/73 £3.00
Haworthia pseuda DMC4179 £3.00
Haworthia pygmaea v. major £5.00
Haworthia redii IB151 £2.00
Haworthia suberecta JDV94-101 £3.50
Haworthia 'Sugar Plum' £3.00
Haworthia truncata x retusa £3.00
Haworthia turgida v. pallidifolia ES2392 £2.50
Haworthiopsis attenuata fma. striata £2.50
Haworthiopsis glabrata v. perviridis £2.00
Haworthiopsis limifolia v. nigra £3.00
Haworthiopsis limifolia v. schuldtiana £1.50
Haworthiopsis mediata RIB591 £2.50
Haworthiopsis reinwardtii v. kaffirdriftensis £1.50
Haworthia rubrobrunnea ISI546 £2.00
Haworthiopsis tesselata v. velutina £4.00
Haworthiopsis wooleyi CG93-90 £3.00
Kalanchoe diagremontana £1.50
Kalanchoe milotii £2.50
Kleinia anteuphorbium £2.00
Kleinia semperviva ssp. grantii £2.00
Lobivia grandiflora v. lobivioides WR525 £1.50
Lobivia grandiflora v. pumila WR758 £1.50
Lobivia grandiflora v. purpureminiata WR526a £1.50
Lobivia grandiflora v. vatteri £1.50
Lobivia haematantha v. densispina MN29 £1.50
Lobivia haematantha v. densispina WR30 £2.00
Lobivia haematantha v. hualfinensis WR146 £2.00
Lobivia haematantha v. kuehnrichii RH1222 £1.50
Lobivia haematantha v. viridis WR709a £2.00
Lobivia krahn-juckeri BLMT798.03 £1.50
Lobivia marsoneri FR401 £1.50
Lobivia sp. #1 Purmamarca £1.50
Lobivia sp. Tilcara £1.50
Lobivia tiegeliana v. distephanoiana LF261 £1.50
Lobivia tiegeliana v. flaviflora RRM47 £1.50
Lobivia wrightiana £1.50
Mammillaria duwei £1.50
Mammillaria longimamma SB88 £1.50
Mammillaria surculosa £2.00
Matucana polzii £1.50
Matucana sp. RH5163 £1.50
Neolloydia conoidea (with locality) £1.50
Notocactus graessneri v. albisetus VE1627 £1.50
Orostachys fimbriata £1.50
Oroya peruviana v. neoperuviana RH4969 £1.50
Pachphytum brevifolium (large) £3.50
Pachyphytum compactum £1.50
Pachyphytum compactum fma. red tips £2.50
Pachphytum hookeri £3.50
Petrosedum ochroleucum RRM134 £2.00
Petrosedum reflexum RRM137 £1.50
Petrosedum rupestre £1.50
Petrosedum sediforme RRM138 £2.00
Rebutia fabrisii JO232 £1.50
Rebutia fabrisii WR688 £1.50
Rebutia fabrisii v. flaviflora £2.00
Rebutia fabrisii v. nana £2.50
Rebutia fabrisii v. nana MN135 £2.00
Rebutia fabrisii v. nana f. white flower MN135 £2.50
Rebutia fabrisii v. nana WR688a £2.50
Rebutia senilis v. graessneri £1.50
Rebutia senilis v. kesselringiana WR167 £1.50
Rebutia xanthocarpa v. coerulescens £1.00
Sansevieria hahnii £2.50
Scadoxus multiflorus (dormant bulb) £2.50
Schlumbergera russelliana small form £5.00
Schlumbergera x £1.50
Sedum x adolphii £1.50
Sedum album RRM41 £1.50
Sedum moranense Sierra el Coahuila £2.00
Sulcorebutia glomerispina KK1264 £1.50
Sulcorebutia mentosa £2.00
Thelocactus bicolor £1.00
Weingartia pygmaea HTH29 £3.50
Weingartia sp. £1.00
Wigginsia gladiata KZ122 £1.50
Total cost of plants ordered
(postage to be added later, at actual cost plus 20% extra to cover packing, when weight / size of parcel is known)

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