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I can only send plants within the UK

Please note that the current postal strikes may disrupt my ability to post plants, and extend delivery times.

Please also take into account cold weather when ordering.

Plants for sale and swap

Plants are mainly rooted cuttings or seedlings; a few larger plants are duplicates from my collection. I prefer to swap plants and am happy to consider whatever you have; I particularly want these cacti and succulents, and books and journals. I am an amateur grower; these prices are intended to help cover my costs of producing the plants, not to make a profit. Most plants are in short supply, with just one or two available. This list is frequently updated as new items are added and others are sold.

Plants will be sent unpotted by first class post unless you request otherwise. Delivery will be charged at 120% of actual postage cost to also cover packing (for nearly all parcels this will be £5.34). I will let you know the total cost including delivery after checking availability and packing your plants. You may pay with a UK cheque or Paypal. (If swapping, we will each pay our own postage.)

The British Cactus and Succulent Society provide useful cultivation advice, also available as a free set of cultivation leaflets to new members. Please also feel free to ask me any specific questions you may have.

To order or suggest a swap, select the plants you want, fill in your personal details, and any notes, then click on the Place Order button.

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Plant Price Buy
Adromischus antidorcatus £2.00
Adromischus cristatus DT4777 £2.50
Adromischus fallax £3.00
Adromischus marianiae EAH249 £2.50
Adromischus roaneanus LAV28234 £2.00
Aeonium lindleyi £1.50
Aichryson tortuosum RRM116 £1.50
Airampoa microdisca £1.50
Albuca shawii £1.50
Aloe 'Bright Star' £2.00
Aloe 'Christmas Carol' £2.50
Aloe 'Red Dragon'' £2.50
Amorphophallus rivieri (corm) £2.00
Aristaloe aristata £1.50
Austrocylindropuntia vestita RRM97 £1.50
Aylostera albiflora FR761a £2.00
Aylostera albopectinata FR758 £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens WR493 £2.00
Aylostera atrovirens v. haefneriana RH339 £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. nov. LF231 £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. nov. LF1400 £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. nov. LF1729 £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. nov. LF1799 £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. raulii RW342 £1.50
Aylostera brachyantha £1.50
Aylostera brunescens WR480 £1.50
Aylostera buiningiana RH2273b £1.50
Aylostera einsteinii fma. L167 £2.00
Aylostera einsteinii fma. L167a £2.00
Aylostera euanthema v. nov. ME14a £2.00
Aylostera euanthema v. tilcarensis RH2283a £2.00
Aylostera euanthema v. tilcarensis RRM101 £2.00
Aylostera fiebrigii £1.50
Aylostera fiebrigii v. pilosa £1.50
Aylostera fusca FR940 £1.50
Aylostera gonjianii x albopectinata £2.50
Aylostera haagei RH556 £1.50
Aylostera haagei RH587 £1.50
Aylostera haagei RH594 £1.50
Aylostera heliosa v. cajasensis RH1025 £2.00
Aylostera heliosa v. nov. LF255 £1.50
Aylostera heliosa v. theresae KK1925 £1.50
Aylostera hoffmannii HOFF2018 £1.50
Aylostera iscayachensis RH298 £1.50
Aylostera nigricans v. albispina RH1226 £1.50
Aylostera perplexa tall form £1.50
Aylostera pseudodeminuta JO177 £1.50
Aylostera pulchella v. prolifera £1.50
Aylostera pulvinosa FR766 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT102.05 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT329.01 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT330.01 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT334.05 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea MN142 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea MN150 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea MN184 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea RH1079 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. RH2059b £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. crassa MN185 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. gavazzii WR828 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. haagei RH1374 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. iscayachensis LF271 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. nazarenoensis JO231 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. nov. LF855 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. polypetala RH873 £1.50
Aylostera robustispina WR88 £1.50
Aylostera robustispina v. minor MG1208.2 £2.00
Aylostera sanguinea RH3168a £1.50
Aylostera sp. NL13 £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. EH6184 £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. LF1219 £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. LF1251 £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. LF1273 £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. LF1390 £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. LF1397a £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. LF1480b £1.50
Aylostera spegazziniana £1.50
Aylostera spegazziniana v. boliviana RRM48 £1.50
Aylostera steinmannii BLMT100.03 £1.50
Aylostera steinmannii BLMT102.01 £1.50
Aylostera steinmannii BLMT108.04 £1.50
Aylostera steinmannii RH1076 £1.50
Aylostera steinmannii v. major WR334 £1.50
Aylostera sumayana/schatzliana RH2093a £1.50
Aylostera supthutiana LF1375 £1.50
Aylostera aff. supthutiana LF1397a £1.50
Aylostera tarvitaensis JC106 £2.00
Aylostera vallegrandensis WR274 £2.00
Aylostera vallegrandensis x £1.50
Bolivicactus comarapanus £1.50
Chamaelobivia 'Lincoln Yellow Bird' £1.50
Crassula ammophila CR2345 £1.50
Crassula aff. atropurpurea EVJ24293 £1.50
Crassula atropurpurea v. cultriformis CR2043 £1.50
Crassula atropurpurea v. muirii CR2421B £1.50
Crassula dependens ADH3028 £1.50
Crassula expansa ssp. pyrifolia CR2366 £1.50
Crassula expansa ssp. pyrifolia CR2487 £1.50
Crassula aff. grisea CR2374 £1.50
Crassula grisea LAV25262 £2.00
Crassula lactea DT6574 £1.50
Crassula marnierana £1.50
Crassula marchandii CR2344 clone 2 £1.50
Crassula 'Minova Magic' £2.00
Crassula muscosa 'anguina' DT5318 £1.50
Crassula orbicularis Cockscombe £1.50
Crassula pellucida Riebeek East £1.50
Crassula pellucida DT7439 £1.50
Crassula perforata £1.50
Crassula radicans Aloe Reserve, Port Elizabeth £1.50
Crassula rupestris EVJ17181 £1.50
Crassula schmidtii £1.50
Crassula setulosa 'Globe' ADH1877 £1.50
Crassula setulosa PV s.n. Abelerazmus Pass £2.00
Crassula subacaulis ssp. erosula Witputz £1.50
Crassula subaphylla DT6162 £1.50
Curio repens £1.50
Drimiopsis maculata £2.00
Echeveria amoena £1.50
Echeveria bombycina £1.50
Echeveria 'Derosa' £3.50
Echeveria elegans £2.00
Echeveria elegans form 2 £3.00
Echeveria leucotricha £1.50
Echeveria pulvinata 'Frosty' £1.50
Echinopsis 'Anastasia' £2.00
Echinopsis arachnacantha £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha RH3074a £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha 'Roseaflora' £1.50
Echinopsis 'Aracnacot' £2.00
Echinopsis 'Bilsdale Morning Mist' £2.00
Echinopsis 'Darley Gold' £2.00
Echinopsis oxygona £1.50
Echinopsis 'Princess Anne' ISI96-5 £2.00
Echinopsis 'Scheherezade' £2.00
Echinopsis 'Spring Blush' ISI97-31 £2.00
Echinopsis subdenudata £2.00
Echinopsis x RRMID7 £2.00
Eriocephala claviceps ssp. itabuensis HU500 £2.00
Eriocephala leninghausii v. minor HU49 £2.00
Gasteria glauca EVJ14670 £2.50
Gasteria obtusa fma. variegata £2.50
Graptopetalum pentandrum v. pentandrum £1.50
Gymnocalycium anisitsii v. matoense £1.50
Gymnocalycium ferrarii LF33 £2.00
Gymnocalycium monvillei Cerro Uritoro £2.00
Gymnocalycium monvillei El Cristo £2.00
Gymnocalycium monvillei Quebrada del Condor £2.00
Gymnocalycium mostii v. valnicekianum £2.00
Gymnocalycium saglionis Below Cerro San Isidro £1.50
Gymnocalycium tillianum WR227 £2.00
Haworthia cooperi v. pilifera £2.00
Haworthia cymbiformis v. cymbiformis JDV91/92 £1.50
Haworthia otzeniana £2.50
Haworthia reddii IB151 £2.00
Haworthia reticulata SS1187 £2.50
Haworthia turgida v. longibracteata JDV89/16 £2.00
Haworthiopsis fasciata v. concolor £2.00
Haworthiopsis glabrata v. perviridis £2.00
Haworthiopsis glauca £2.00
Haworthiopsis limifolia v. glaucophylla IB6752 £2.00
Haworthiopsis mediata RIB591 £2.00
Haworthiopsis 'Pearl Drops' £2.00
Haworthiopsis rubrobrunnea ISI546 £2.50
Haworthiopsis tanba IB13692 £2.00
Hildewintera 'Hot Lipstick' £3.50
Ledebouria socialis £1.50
Lobivia hertrichiana v. laui WR419 £1.50
Lobivia rauschii £3.00
Lobivia wrightiana £1.50
Mila nealeana KK454 £1.50
Neohenricia sibbetii £1.50
Notocactus horstii £2.00
Notocactus horstii HU20 £2.00
Pachyphytum compactum fma. red tipped leaves £1.50
Peperomia asperula £2.00
Peperomia nivalis £1.50
Pereskiopsis (grafting stock) £1.00
Petrosedum montanum ABE18 £1.50
Petrosedum ochroleucum RRM134 £1.50
Petrosedum rupestre £1.50
Piaranthus foetidus £2.00
Piaranthus geminatus v. foetidus £1.50
Rebutia fabrisii v. flaviflora £2.50
Rebutia fabrisii v. nana multicolor flower MN135 £5.00
Rebutia permutata £2.00
Rebutia pilispina £1.50
Rebutia senilis BLMT431.03 £2.00
Rebutia senilis WR706a £2.00
Rebutia senilis v. kesselringiana £1.50
Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii' £2.00
Sedum multiceps £2.00
Soehrensia bruchii Trail to Cerro Pelao £2.00
Soehrensia bruchii Tafí del Valle -> La Mollar £2.00
Sulcorebutia canigueralii L387 £2.00
Sulcorebutia naunacaensis NL108 £2.00
Sulcorebutia pulchra HS78 £2.00
Sulcorebutia vargasii RH3069 £2.00
Trichocereus sp. Amalaya Winery £2.00
Trichocereus sp. 2km above Garganta del Diablo £2.00
Weingartia lanata LF475a £2.00
Weingartia pilcomayensis LF476 £2.00
Weingartia sp. LF435 £2.00
Weingartia sp. VJ190 £2.00
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