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Plants for sale and swap

Plants are mainly rooted cuttings or seedlings; a few larger plants are duplicates from my collection. I prefer to swap plants and am happy to consider whatever you have; I particularly want these cacti and succulents, and books and journals. I am an amateur grower; these prices are intended to help cover my costs of producing the plants, not to make a profit. Most plants are in short supply, with just one or two available. This list is frequently updated as new items are added and others are sold.

Plants will be sent unpotted by first class post unless you request otherwise. Delivery will be charged at 120% of actual postage cost to also cover packing (for nearly all parcels this will be £5.34). I will let you know the total cost including delivery after checking availability and packing your plants. You may pay with a UK cheque or Paypal. (If swapping, we will each pay our own postage.)

For advice on growing, the British Cactus and Succulent Society provide an excellent set of free cultivation leaflets. Also feel free to ask me any specific questions you may have.

To order or suggest a swap, select the plants you want, fill in your personal details, and any notes, then click on the Place Order button.

This list was last updated on 23rd May 2022.

Plant Price Buy
Adromischus rupicola £1.50
Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop' £1.50
Aeonium haworthii £1.50
Aichryson tortuosum RRM116 £2.00
Airampoa sp. £1.50
Aloe brevifolia £2.50
Aloe sp. LAV&NEWTON12190 £1.50
Austrocylindropuntia vestita RRM97 £2.00
Aylostera atrovirens v. nov. LF231 £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. nov. LF492b £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. nov. LF1400 £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. nov. LF1729 £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. nov. LF1799 £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. nov. RH3133 £1.50
Aylostera atrovirens v. raulii RW342 £1.50
Aylostera donaldiana £1.50
Aylostera 'Dusky Maiden' £2.00
Aylostera einsteinii fma. L167 £2.00
Aylostera einsteinii fma. L167a £2.00
Aylostera euanthema v. MN194 £2.00
Aylostera euanthema v. tilcarensis RH2283a £2.00
Aylostera fiebrigii £1.50
Aylostera fischeriana LF1064 £2.00
Aylostera frankii £1.50
Aylostera froehlichiana LF540a £1.50
Aylostera haagei RH1090 £1.50
Aylostera heliosa BLMT153.01 £1.50
Aylostera heliosa v. condorensis RH276 £1.50
Aylostera heliosa v. condorensis x heliosa Clone 3 £2.50
Aylostera heliosa v. nov. LF255 £1.50
Aylostera heliosa v. solisioides £1.50
Aylostera heliosa v. theresae RH259 £1.50
Aylostera hoffmannii HOFF2018 £1.50
Aylostera hoffmannii WR521a £1.50
Aylostera pulchella v. prolifera £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT330.01 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea BLMT334.05 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea MN132 £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. HJ579a £1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. colorea BLMT74.02 £1.50
Aylostera ritteri BLMT336.02 £1.50
Aylostera aff. robustispina £1.50
Aylostera rosealbiflora v. amblaypetala WR295a £1.50
Aylostera sp. GV55 £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. EH6184 £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. LF556 £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. LF1219 £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. LF1251 £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. LF1273 £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. LF1336 £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. LF1390 £1.50
Aylostera sp. nov. Zapatocare £2.00
Aylostera spegazziniana v. boliviana RRM48 £1.50
Aylostera steinmannii BLMT100.03 £1.50
Aylostera steinmannii BLMT102.01 £1.50
Aylostera steinmannii BLMT108.04 £1.50
Aylostera steinmannii v. c7ncinnata RH319 £1.50
Aylostera sumayana LF541 £1.50
Aylostera sumayana/schatzliana RH2093a £1.50
x Bacurio delphinatifolius 'Hippogriff' £2.00
Brasiliparodia alacriportana fma. HU1519 £1.50
Chamaecereus silvestrii £1.50
Crassula ammophila CR2345 £1.50
Crassula ammophila GDR281 £1.50
Crassula aff. atropurpurea EVJ24293 £1.50
Crassula atropurpurea v. cultriformis CR2043 £1.50
Crassula atropurpurea v. cultriformis CR2259 £1.50
Crassula atropurpurea v. muirii Cederberg £1.50
Crassula atropurpurea v. muirii CR2421B £1.50
Crassula atropurpurea v. muirii Vanrhyns Pass £1.50
Crassula ausensis LAV30637 £1.50
Crassula brevifolia Rutherford 1999 £1.50
Crassula clavata £1.50
Crassula cordata £1.50
Crassula cymosa CR2386 £1.50
Crassula dependens CR2182 £1.50
Crassula 'Estagnol' £1.50
Crassula ernestii £1.50
Crassula expansa Coega National Park £1.50
Crassula expansa ssp. fragilis STR s.n. Blyderivier £1.50
Crassula expansa ssp. pyrifolia CR2373 £1.50
Crassula expansa ssp. pyrifolia CR2487 £1.50
Crassula fallax £1.50
Crassula fragaroides ADH4983 £1.50
Crassula fragaroides CR2130 £1.50
Crassula aff. grisea CR2251 £1.50
Crassula grisea LAV25262 £2.00
Crassula hirtipes CR2212 £1.50
Crassula hirtipes CR2291 £1.50
Crassula hirtipes SB1760 £1.50
Crassula hirtipes TD s.n. Rooiwal £1.50
Crassula lanuginosa FVD716/18 £1.50
Crassula lanuginosa ssp. lanuginosa £1.50
Crassula marnierana £1.50
Crassula 'Minova Magic' £2.00
Crassula aff. mollis? Teeberg, Swartberg £1.50
Crassula muscosa CR2337 £1.50
Crassula muscosa 'anguina' DT5318 £1.50
Crassula namaquensis 5km S Kliprand £2.00
Crassula namaquensis ssp. comptonii CR2388 £1.50
Crassula nealeana £1.50
Crassula orbicularis DT2626 £1.50
Crassula pellucida Riebeek East £1.50
Crassula pellucida DT7439 £1.50
Crassula pellucida v. marginalis 'Rubra' £1.50
Crassula perforata £1.50
Crassula perforata EVJ18635 £1.50
Crassula perforata f. variegata £1.50
Crassula perfossa £1.50
Crassula plegmatoides CR2025 £1.50
Crassula radicans Aloe Reserve, Port Elizabeth £1.50
Crassula rupestris £1.50
Crassula rupestris CR2400 £1.50
Crassula rupestris EVJ17181 £1.50
Crassula 'Springtime' £2.00
Crassula sericea DT6298 £1.50
Crassula setulosa PV s.n. Abelerazmus Pass £1.50
Crassula socialis £1.50
Crassula spathulata DT6579a £1.50
Crassula subaphylla CR2473 £1.50
Crassula swaziensis DT5285 £1.50
Crassula swaziensis Penge £2.00
Crassula undulata £1.50
Crassula undulata CR2384 £1.50
Crassula volkensii £1.50
Delosperma cooperi £1.50
Echeveria compressicaulis £1.50
Echeveria 'Derosa' £1.50
Echeveria elegans £1.50
Echeveria perbella £1.50
Echeveria pringlei KS1529 £1.50
Echeveria pulvinata 'Ruby' £1.50
Echeveria secunda Puebla £1.50
Echeveria setosa v. minor £1.50
Echinofossulocactus kellerianus £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha WR180 £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha 'Roseaflora' £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha white flower £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha v. sulphurea £1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha x Lobivia 'Sheelena' £1.50
Echinopsis 'Darley Gold' £2.00
Echinopsis oxygona £1.50
Echinopsis 'Princess Anne' ISI96-5 £2.00
Echinopsis 'Rose Quartz' £2.00
Echinopsis 'Scheherezade' £2.00
Echinopsis 'Sorceress' £2.50
Echinopsis subdenudata £1.50
Eriocactus warasii STU345 £2.00
Eriocephala claviceps ssp. itabuensis HU500 £1.50
Eriocephala leninghausii v. minor HU49 £1.50
Euphorbia decaryi x millii £2.50
Graptopetalum paraguayense £1.50
Graptopetalum paraguayense ssp. bernalense £1.50
Graptoveria 'Titubans' £1.50
Gymnocalycium andreae v. longispinum £1.50
Gymnocalycium monvillei Cerro Uritoro £1.50
Gymnocalycium monvillei El Cristo £1.50
Gymnocalycium monvillei Quebrada del Condor £1.50
Gymnocalycium mostii v. valnicekianum £1.50
Gymnocalycium pilziorum £1.50
Gymnocalycium tillianum WR227 £1.50
Hamatocactus setispinus v. setaceus £1.50
Haworthia compacta DMC6543 £1.50
Haworthia ikra ISI1762 £1.50
Haworthia marumiana £1.50
Haworthia obtusa v. pilifera ISI89-57 £1.50
Haworthia ryderiana £1.50
Haworthiopsis glauca £2.00
Haworthiopsis tesselata CR1929 £1.50
Jovibarba arenaria Murtal £1.50
Jovibarba hirta v. glabrescens £1.50
Jovibarba hueffelii v. glabra Vitse Greece £1.50
Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi £1.50
Ledebouria socialis 'Miner' £1.50
Lobivia haematantha £1.50
Lobivia hertrichiana v. laui WR419 £1.50
Lobivia pugionacantha v. variispina LF1236 £1.50
Lobivia pusilla £1.50
Lobivia rauschii £3.00
Lobivia wrightiana £1.50
Matucana aurantiaca fma. pallarensis £1.50
Mila nealeana KK454 £1.50
Nananthus aloides £1.50
Notocactus horstii £1.50
Notocactus horstii HU20 £1.50
Orostachys boehmeri 'Keiko' £1.50
Pachysedum sp. KS1302 £1.50
Petrosedum ochroleucum RRM134 £1.50
Petrosedum rupestre £1.50
Petrosedum sedifolium RS19R05 £1.50
Rebutia fabrisii v. flaviflora £1.50
Rebutia fabrisii v. nana multicolor flower MN135 £5.00
Rebutia permutata £1.50
Rebutia senilis BLMT431.03 £1.50
Rebutia senilis WR706a £1.50
Rhodiola pachyclados £1.50
Schlumbergera 'Lady Linda' £1.50
Schlumbergera 'Liberty Emma' £1.50
Schlumbergera 'Orange Flame' £1.50
Sedum album ABE19A £1.50
Sedum commixtum £1.50
Sedum moranense Sierra el Coahuila £1.50
Sedum pachyphyllum £1.50
Soehrensia bruchii Trail to Cerro Pelao £1.50
Soehrensia bruchii Tafi del Valle -> La Mollar £1.50
Trichocereus sp. Amalaya Winery £1.50
Trichocereus sp. 2km above Garganta del Diablo £1.50
Weingartia augustinii HS37 £1.50
Weingartia knizei KK1756 £1.50
Weingartia lagarpampensis HS160 £1.50
Weingartia lanata LF475a £1.50
Weingartia neumanniana LF1122 £5.00
Weingartia neumanniana WR42 £5.00
Weingartia pilcomayensis LF476 £1.50
Weingartia sp. LF435 £1.50
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Also see my list of journals for sale.

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