Ralph Martin's Cacti and Succulents For Sale or Swap

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Plants for sale and swap

Plants are mainly rooted cuttings or seedlings; a few larger plants are duplicates from my collection. I prefer to swap plants and am happy to consider whatever you have; I particularly want these cacti and succulents, and books and journals. I am an amateur grower; these prices are intended to help cover my costs of producing the plants, not to make a profit. Most plants are in short supply, with just one or two available. This list is frequently updated as new items are added and others are sold.

Plants will be sent unpotted by first class post, at a fixed cost of £5.50 (any number of plants) to include packing, unless you request other arrangements (e.g. collection in person). The total cost will be confirmed after checking availability, and taking into account any other requests you make. You may pay with a UK cheque or Paypal. (If swapping, we will each pay our own delivery costs.)

The British Cactus and Succulent Society provide useful cultivation advice, also available as a free set of cultivation leaflets to new members. Please also feel free to ask me any specific questions you may have.

To order or suggest a swap, select the plants you want, fill in your personal details, and any notes, then click on the Place Order button.

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Adromischus alstonii 'pulchellus'£2.00
Adromischus mamillaris DT7336 clone 2£2.00
Adromischus subdistichus£2.00
Albuca sp.£1.50
Albuca sp. Dysseldorp£2.00
Albuca sp. JCA15856£1.50
Albuca shawii£2.00
Aloe bakeri£2.50
Aloe bulbilifera KEW1965-67515£2.50
Aloe 'Doran Black'£2.00
Aloinopsis hilmarii£1.50
Astroloba sp.£1.50
Aylostera albidula LF378£2.00
Aylostera aureiflora v. albilongiseta£2.00
Aylostera brunescens£1.50
Aylostera brunescens WR480£1.50
Aylostera buiningiana fma. nov. RH605£1.50
Aylostera digitiformis£1.50
Aylostera aff. dutineana RH3186a£1.50
Aylostera einsteinii v. schmiedcheniana?£2.00
Aylostera einsteinii v. tilcarensis J192£2.00
Aylostera euanthema LF178£2.00
Aylostera euanthema v. tilcarensis J192a£2.00
Aylostera fiebrigii 'densiseta' MN781£1.50
Aylostera fiebrigii v. jujuyana WR734£1.50
Aylostera fiebrigii v. verebii RW28£1.50
Aylostera fiebrigii v. vallegrandensis HS247£1.50
Aylostera flavistyla MN777£1.50
Aylostera kieslingii£1.50
Aylostera nogalasensis VZ276a£1.50
Aylostera potosina SE109a£1.50
Aylostera pulvinosa FR766£2.00
Aylostera pygmaea£1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. LF900£2.00
Aylostera pygmaea v. RH1258£2.00
Aylostera pygmaea v. albispina WR576£1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. haagei fma. grandis RH320£1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. iscayachensis WR335b£1.50
Aylostera pygmaea v. knizei WR676a£2.00
Aylostera residua LF1627£2.00
Aylostera residua RH1009£1.50
Aylostera residua RH3155£1.50
Aylostera rubiginosa RH2114a£1.50
Aylostera schatzliana WR640a£2.00
Aylostera solcii RH216£1.50
Aylostera spegazziniana£1.50
Aylostera sp. RH2398b£2.00
Aylostera sp. nov. RB60£1.50
Aylostera steinmannii v. cincinnata£1.50
Aylostera steinmannii v. eucalyptana FR340£1.50
Aylostera steinmannii v. nov. RH1136a£1.50
Aylostera tuberosa RRM36£2.00
Aylostera walteri H1960a£1.50
Bolivicactus comarapanus£1.50
Chamaecereus 'Johnson's Gold'£1.50
Cotyledon orbicularis small form£1.50
Crassothonna capensis£2.00
Crassula ammophila CR2345£2.00
Crassula ammophila GDR281£2.00
Crassula aff. atropurpurea EVJ24293£1.50
Crassula atropurpurea v. muirii CR2399£2.00
Crassula atropurpurea v. watermeyeri£2.50
Crassula ausensis ssp. littlewoodii£2.00
Crassula biplanata EVJ15927£1.50
Crassula brevifolia CR1966£2.50
Crassula columella CR2329£1.50
Crassula commutata£2.50
Crassula conjuncta£1.50
Crassula corymbulosa£1.50
Crassula aff. cremnophila EVJ17368£1.50
Crassula cultrata DT5714£2.50
Crassula cymosa CR2199£2.50
Crassula cymosa CR2386£1.50
Crassula 'David'£1.50
Crassula deceptor£1.50
Crassula dependens ADH3028£1.50
Crassula dinteri£1.50
Crassula exilis ssp. cooperi£1.50
Crassula expansa ssp. pyrifolia£2.00
Crassula falcata£2.50
Crassula falcata miniature form£2.50
Crassula fallax£2.50
Crassula 'Frosty'£2.00
Crassula grisea CR2016£1.50
Crassula herrei CR2263£1.50
Crassula hirtipes TD s.n. Rooiwal£1.50
Crassula x justi-corderoyi£1.50
Crassula mesembryanthemoides 'Surprise Party'£1.50
Crassula 'Minova Magic'£2.00
Crassula mollis? JK Addo Elephant Park£1.50
Crassula mollis? Swartberg£1.50
Crassula montana£2.50
Crassula montana ssp. quadrangularis£2.00
Crassula muscosa CR2288£1.50
Crassula muscosa CR2337£1.50
Crassula muscosa 'anguina' DT5318£2.00
Crassula nealeana£2.50
Crassula nudicaulis v. herrei£1.50
Crassula orbicularis CR2165£2.00
Crassula orbicularis DT2626£1.50
Crassula ovata£1.50
Crassula pellucida£2.00
Crassula pellucida Riebeek East£2.50
Crassula perfoliata ssp. heterotricha£2.50
Crassula perforata£2.50
Crassula perforata TD s.n. Piekeniers Pass£2.00
Crassula plegmatoides£2.00
Crassula plegmatoides x grisea£2.00
Crassula pruinosa CR2429£1.50
Crassula aff. pubescens JD186£2.00
Crassula quadrangularis£1.50
Crassula radicans, JD1094£2.00
Crassula radicans, Port Elizabeth£2.00
Crassula radicans EVJ17775£1.50
Crassula rupestris CR2404£1.50
Crassula rupestris (large form)£2.50
Crassula rupestris Rutherford 1999£2.00
Crassula rupestris ssp. marnierana ADH2944£2.00
Crassula sericea DT6298£1.50
Crassula setulosa PV s.n. Abel Erazmus Pass£1.50
Crassula socialis£1.50
Crassula 'Spring Frost'£2.00
Crassula 'Springtime'£2.50
Crassula subacaulis ssp. erosula CR2258£2.50
Crassula subaphylla DT6162£2.00
Crassula subaphylla ssp. virgata CR2314£2.00
Crassula swaziensis£1.50
Crassula tetragona ssp. robusta DT7002£2.00
Crassula tetragona Ashton JK£2.50
Crassula undulata CR2302£2.50
Crassula volkensii Dark Form£2.50
Curio hallianus HALL681651£1.50
Curio herreanus DT7543£1.50
Curio radicans DT7857£2.00
Curio repens£1.50
Cyanotis somaliensis£2.50
Echeveria derenbergii£2.00
Echeveria elegans£2.00
Echeveria minima£2.00
Echeveria pringlei KS1529£2.00
Echeveria runyonii 'Topsy Turvey'£2.00
Echeveria setosa v. deminuta£2.50
Echeveria 'Vincent Catto'£1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha FR366£1.50
Echinopsis arachnacantha v. sulphurea£1.50
Echinopsis 'Matlock Gem'£2.00
Echinopsis 'Paramount' x pale yellow£2.00
Echinopsis 'Red Splendour£2.00
Euphorbia anoplia£2.50
Euphorbia aff. petricola£2.50
Graptopetalum mendozae£1.50
Graptopetalum 'Mirinae'£1.50
Graptopetalum pachyphyllum£1.50
Graptopetalum paraguayense v. bernalense£2.00
Graptopetalum superbum£2.00
Graptoveria amethorum£2.00
Graptoveria 'Balanguera'£2.00
Graptoveria 'Milky Way'£1.50
Gymnocalycium anisitsii v. matoense£1.50
Gymnocalycium monvillei Cerro Uritoro£2.00
Gymnocalycium monvillei El Cristo£2.00
Gymnocalycium monvillei Quebrada del Condorito£2.50
Gymnocalycium stellatum v. obductum HV889£2.00
Haworthia angustifolia MBB6491£2.00
Haworthia cymbiformis£2.00
Haworthia cymbiformis v. cymbiformis IB605£2.50
Haworthia cymbiformis v. cymbiformis JDV91/92£2.50
Haworthia cymbiformis v. planifolia£2.00
Haworthia cymbiformis v. reddii IB598£2.00
Haworthia aff. hemicrypta MBB6542£2.00
Haworthia marumiana IB353£2.50
Haworthia mucronata v. inconfluens£2.00
Haworthiopsis glabrata£2.00
Haworthiopsis rubrobrunnea ISI546£2.00
Huernia zebrina£2.00
Jovibarba arenaria Murtal£1.50
Jovibarba hirta v. glabrescens£2.00
Kalanchoe ausensis£1.50
Kalanchoe diagremontana£1.50
Kalanchoe serrata£1.50
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora£1.50
Ledebouria socialis 'Zebrina'£2.00
Lobivia horrida FR795£2.00
Lobivia horrida FR974£2.50
Lobivia horrida LH564£2.00
Lobivia lateritia WR78£2.00
Lobivia schieliana WR207£1.50
Lobivia schieliana v. quiabayensis WR205£2.00
Maihueniopsis ovata£1.50
Mammillaria aureispina REPP939£1.50
Mammillaria gracilis£1.50
Mammillaria sp. Clavales£1.50
Matucana polzii£1.50
Melocactus azureus£2.00
Melocactus bahiensis£1.50
Micranthrocereus polyacanthus MM1050£1.50
Micranthrocereus violaciflorus Januba£1.50
Mila fortalezensis KK1405£1.50
Nananthus margaretiferus£1.50
Neoporteria villicumensis HV544£1.50
Ornithogalum juncifolium DT6522£2.00
Ornithogalum juncifolium v. emsii EVJ16808£1.50
Orostachys aggregata£1.50
Orostachys boehmeri 'Keiko'£1.50
Pachyphytum hookeri£2.00
Pachyphytum machucae£2.00
Peperomia columella£1.50
Peperomia sp.£1.50
Peperomia nivalis compact form£1.50
Petrosedum montanum ABE18£1.50
Petrosedum ochroleucum RRM134£2.50
Pilosocereus fulvilanatus ssp. vanheekianus GO53£1.50
Plectranthus montanus 'Werner Rauh'£1.50
Rebutia fabrisii v. aureiflora WR687£1.50
Rebutia permutata£2.00
Rebutia pseudograessneri£2.00
Rebutia senilis v. chrysacantha£2.00
Rebutia senilis fma. graessneri£1.50
Rebutia violaciflora v.. knuthiana WR801£1.50
Reicheocactus pseudoreicheanus 'Old Form'£2.00
Rhipsalidopis x pale pink flower£1.50
Rhipsalidopis 'Redge'£1.50
Sansevieria 'Fernwood Punk'£1.50
Schlumbergera 'Limelight Dancer'£2.50
Sedum lucidum 'Obesum'£1.50
Sedum perezdelarosae£1.50
Sedum rubrotinctum£1.50
Soehrensia bruchii Trail to Cerro Pelao£2.50
Soehrensia bruchii Tafí del Valle → La Mollar£2.50
Sulcorebutia menesesii£2.00
Talinum paniculatum£2.00
Trichocereus sp. Amalaya Winery£2.50
Trichocereus sp. 2km above Garganta del Diablo£2.50
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