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Ralph Martin
[Blossfeldia minima]
Blossfeldia minima, a cactus
Status Ralph retired in 2017, and is an Emeritus Professor of Cardiff University. He regrets that he is no longer able to take on new academic tasks.
Email ralph@cs.cf.ac.uk
Address Ralph currently lives in North Wales. Please email me for further details.
Cacti and Succulents Ralph grows cacti and succulents as a hobby, and is Chairman of the Research Committee of the British Cactus and Succulent Society. He regularly gives talks to BCSS branches and gardening clubs. He has lists of plants and journals for exchange or sale. His cactus and succulent field number database is well-known, as is his related database of collectors acronyms. Searches can also be made for field numbers corresponding to a given species or locality.
British Bryological Society Ralph is a member of the British Bryological Society and the Border Bryologists.
Harpsichord Music Ralph is keen on harpsichord music. Here are some pieces you can listen to: by Couperin: La Diligente, Les Tricoteuses, Le Reveille-Matin; by Scarlatti: Sonata in D.
Friendship Award In 2014, Ralph was awarded the Friendship Award, China's highest award for foreign nationals.
SMA Pioneer Award In 2016, Ralph was awarded the title of Solid Modeling Pioneer by the Solid Modeling Association.
Editorship Ralph is Associate Editor-in-Chief of Computational Visual Media.